Automation of industrial processes.

We are an industrial robotics services company with more than 10 years of experience. Our capabilities are aimed at the world of industrial process automation.

At Epsilon Robotics,, we develop these processes from electrical design, cabinet construction, field electrical installations, automation programming (PLC's) and robots of various brands, start-up, monitoring and optimization of production.

We also carry out training in companies or in our own facilities. Our commitment to the client starts from the moment you contact us.
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We are specialists

Start-up and programming

We assist you in all phases of the commissioning of your installation, and we will study your needs to offer you an experienced programming that increases the efficiency and productivity of your installation


We offer personalized courses both at our installations and at the client's home. The courses are structured in modules that adapt to the client's knowledge. The final result guarantees trained and qualified employees for your Company


We offer individual service and maintenance services. We adapt to your needs to ensure the proper functioning of your facilities.

Some of our customers

Recently, we have started to collaborate with companies in France through an association, of which we are already suppliers. This association called Reseau 3R, will allow us to expand our company and expand knowledge that will help us develop new projects.